Circassian Genecide

Unutmadık, Unutmayacağız, Unutturmayacağız

We have not forgotten and we will not forget.

Until 21 May 1864, the Circassians who resisted the invasion attempt for more than 100 years, were forced to lay down their weapons on this date because they did not have the strength to withstand. The invaders did not only stopped with genocide and occupation, but also forcibly removed the remaining Circassians from their homeland with the first action in history. With this brutal imperialist action of the russian tsarist, more than 2 million Circassians were expelled from their homelands, homes, villages and homes with gun power. They were filled to small boats and were sent to Ottoman lands. Some were able to reach the shores of the Ottoman Empire, but most of them perished in the cold waters of the Black Sea.

THE RUTHLESS BREAKING POINT IN MODERN HUMAN HISTORY – ‘Stealing homelands, killing natives’

A first happened in the history of the modern world. For the first time, the most brutal method in modern history: stealing homelands while committing genocide and exiling the remaining natives for the purpose of ethical killing, has been applied to the Circassians. The fact that this method is not sufficiently reacted all around the world, even if it is not reacted, accepted in a sense of “successful” as an imperialist method, inspired and triggered all other genocides of modern history.


It is not possible to understand and explain other genocides without understanding the genocide that happened to the Circassians. We can say that other genocides would certainly not have happened,.if the Circassian Genocide faced a strong reaction worldwide, because no one would ever dare to make such an evilness to any community Unfortunately, the Circassian genocide was attempted to be consciously forgotten by international partnerships. Circassians on the roads of exile, offspring, the old and young starved, became fatigued, miserable due to lack of food, thirst and died of illness. They were killed in attacks by Harami gangs. A large part of those who survived all of them were drowned in the Black Sea because of the sinking of the boats where they were filled. The number of those Circassians who were able to complete their exile and reach the Ottoman coasts were hardly 1.5 million. With the best estimate, only 500,000 people were left in the homeland, where more than 2.5 million Circassians was living. The pain of Circassians was not over. The final destination of their exile wasn’t a “paradise” neither. They break from disease and hunger in the land of exile.

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